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Everything that is beautiful about life starts with you.

Annie K Laven

Annie has been working with Artists for years, delivering seminars to intimate groups, as well as giving personal one-on-one sessions - inspiring individuals to focus on their individual voice, discover their purpose and tap into their artistry. She uses her in-depth understanding of the 5 steps of becoming an ARTIST to elevate, inspire, and empower individuals to be exceptional, not just in work but in all aspects of life. She lays the groundwork needed to help individuals find their path to happiness, success, and fulfillment. Because in the end, from experience Annie's life has shown her that nothing fights off the loses and tragedies of life better than living a life filled with the promise of fulfillment.



Just some of her clients include accountants, musicians, filmmakers, teachers, students, designers, photographers, writers, and business owners.

Annie's reach also extends to children-in-need through her nonprofit organization, The Perfect Day Box Foundation where she and her team deliver educational tools to uplift, inspire and give hope to children-in-need through the arts and imagination. Annie and her team personally deliver these meaningful gifts of hope, along with a powerful presentation to ensure each child understands that the Foundation Team and their extraordinary donors believe in them. 


"Annie's one-on-one mentoring helped me find my true north!  I'll never be lost again!"


David - Musician

"Wow!  This seminar was life changing! I realized that being a jack of all trades had not brought me the happiness I had sought. The key for me was to commit to being a master of at least one. That one idea unlocked my path to happiness, success, and fulfillment.  I get it!  I truly get it!"


Lynne - Professional Caregiver

"I wasn't sure how it was all going to come together, but like magic, I found myself with a greater understanding of what I have to offer. It has changed more than just how I see my work. It has changed the way I see life."


Jason - Writer/filmmaker

"Thank you, Annie!  I have realized that I have been my own biggest enemy! Where to even start!  Your compassion and absolute dedication to helping others was the only thing that could have ever gotten me to see just how far I had drifted.  Truly, I was so close to happiness but yet so far.  You are a beautiful soul!"

Corinne - Teacher

 Let Us Bring Our Message to You

Small group seminars 15 - 30 people

1.5 hours


Half day (4 Hours)


Full day (8 hours)



Personal (One-on-One)

3-hour blocks @ $200/block


You can achieve Happiness, Success, & Fulfillment

Your Personal Path

Your Purpose

Your Artistry

Understanding the difference between Confidence & Certainty

How to Personally Apply What You've Learned

Your Impact on Others

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The Perfect Day Box Foundation.

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