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Discover Your Purpose

Annie K Laven's

Discover Your Spiritual Fingerprint
Find your place in the world
Find peace in your daily life
Realize your value to the world
Introducing Real Life Wisdom Learned From The
Practical Application Of Spirituality
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Feeling a little lost?

Maybe a little anxious?

Are you certain you should be able to  move mountains but you can't understand why you're not?

Are you looking for answers? 

Behind those answers are you hoping to find peace?

Maybe if you could just find some direction you'd be able to find your place in the world and you'd feel less worried and afraid?

What if the answer has always been at your fingertips?


Every answer you've ever looked for that could give you peace, you've been carrying around with you since the day you were born. Everything that is beautiful, special, unique, and courageous about you has already been imprinted to create your individuality; you just need a little help remembering it!

What is it?

It's Your Spiritual Fingerprint!


This is the energy, the essence that is you. It permeates all that you do. It is your very specific and unique thrust towards life which is at the core of every interaction in your life and once identified and put into words can give your life the meaning you always knew it had!

This is what I know...

  • You have a specific purpose that defines you and makes you unique and valuable. 

  • That purpose can be defined in 3 steps.

  • You can use it to bring direction, peace, and certainty into you life.

  • You can solve problems easier.

  • You can confront life with an ease you never knew existed.

  • You can elevate your enjoyment of life.

  • You can find peace.

During this One-on-One Personal Course

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You will experience:

A new perspective.
A sense of direction.
An opportunity to really look at your life.
Exercises that define your purpose.
Insight into your own extraordinary power.
Validation that you are indeed beautiful.
An understanding of your place in the world.
An excitement about all your potential to create an incredibly happy, successful and fulfilling life. 



David - Musician (TN)

Annie helped me find my true north! I'll never be lost agaIn! I feel free to be me!

Corinne, Designer (MT)

Wow! This seminar  changed the way I look at life! I finally understand my place in the  world!

Stephanie, Teacher (LA)

My  whole world has changed. I really  know  who I  am! For the first time I know I can create my own  future and achieve great things!

Let's meet Annie

Everything that is beautiful about life starts with you.

Annie K Laven

Annie, a mother of four, overcame the heart wrenching tragedy of losing her husband, the man she adored, when she was only 38 years old and while her four boys were only 5, 7, 9, and 11 years old. How do you possibly move forward. How can there ever be joy again. 

Being a mother, she had to move forward for her boys, but it was her screenwriting that provided the insight to find her route out.  She turned to what she did  best, character development. This time she focused on herself. Here, she pulled herself up and out of the spiral of sadness that threatened to overtake her life. In doing so, she discovered a great secret; an understanding of the definitive power of purpose and saw how it was the key to surviving any unknown future. 

Since this time, Annie has dedicated her life to her children, her writing and and helping others. She has been sharing her successful actions with others by developing programs that inspire children to dream, producing an award winning children's album, delivering seminars to intimate groups, as 

well as giving personal one-on-one sessions - inspiring individuals to focus on their individual voice, to discover their purpose and to tap into their artistry. She writes multi-layered screenplays with real characters and is the author of one of the top 75 Happiness Blogs on Earth. She uses her in-depth understanding of how overwhelming life can suddenly become on a daily basis and how to rise above it. She uses the 5 steps of becoming an ARTIST she developed to elevate, inspire, and empower individuals to be exceptional, not just in work but in all aspects of life. She lays the groundwork needed to help individuals find their path to happiness, success, and fulfillment.  Annie's life has shown her that nothing fights off the loses and tragedies of life better than living a life filled with the promise of fulfillment through purpose. .

Annie's clients include accountants, gamers, musicians, moms, dads, filmmakers, teachers, students, business owners, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, personal assistants, writers, and technicians.

A message for you...

"You are the only person who can create this change! In fact, you've already started, because you are here! 

Once you understand Steps 1 and 2, your understanding of Step 3 will change everything you thought you understood about your life!

I invite you to trust yourself.
​Life CAN BE as fulfilling as you've always thought it could be. 

I look forward to working with you!"

With Great Love, Annie



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