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How to Create Artistry in Your Life in 5 Steps

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The checklist that will transform your life.

clipboard with paper that reads: Artist checklist 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What better way to introduce the 5 Steps of Creating Artistry in Your Life than to show you how we used them to discover them!

Our Story

As a writer, I learned early on that the most effective way to write a great story was to know the ending before you ever started writing the beginning. The philosophy was that if you knew the exact effect you wanted to create at the end, then you could create the path to get there.

So, if fulfillment was the end product, then how would I get there? What structure could be put in place to ensure I was on the right path. What steps could be taken to get there? Could the answer be found? I was sure it could. I had accepted the challenge. (Step 1)

As I do with so many things, I became obsessed with figuring out WHAT a fulfilling life was, what kind of road map could I put together to get there, where do I go to research this, and, quite frankly, the elephant in the room question, "Was it even possible to live a happy, successful, and fulfilling life?" I had defined the rules. (Step 2)

You must realize I have been obsessed with these questions for almost twenty-five years. Every person I had ever researched, every conversation I had ever had, every book I had ever read, these questions were always lurking in the background. It seemed I had always been wearing my hat as a researcher. I had mastered my craft. (Step 3)

After so many years of researching, I had started to realize there were many different sources of information that I had never tapped into to gain a deeper understanding of things. So one day, as I was committed to getting to the bottom of a completely different matter I decided to look in a most unusual place. There, I found the answer to my questions about happiness, success, and fulfillment in this very unique place. You're thinking I found it in some text-rich place like a philosophy book, history book or religious volume. Nope. It was in none of the obvious places. It was tucked away from the casual observer in a place where it seems almost no one would look. It was in the dictionary. Yep! Not even the first definition of the word. What word you ask? ARTIST. I had elevated my skill of researching. (Step 4)

In that moment, it became clear to me that the people who were happy, the ones achieving success and living fulfilling lives had this one thing in common. They embodied the second definition of ARTIST. They were creating artistry with and in their lives.

Not your traditional artist. You know, the first definition in the dictionary. n. a person in the arts. No, these people had achieved the second definition of ARTIST. n. a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.

This was revolutionary! This meant that anyone could be an artist; a fireman, a postal service worker, even a banker! It meant, in my mind, happiness, success and fulfillment was for everyone. Not, as so often portrayed in movies and books, a select few.

I wanted everyone to experience that glorious moment of elevation! I wanted everyone to understand that they can live happy, successful, and fulfilling lives by being an ARTIST!

Great! But how does a person who didn't even know or remember they were an ARTIST become one. How do they get there? Where is the structure? Where is the roadmap? What are the steps to becoming an ARTIST by creating a life that is artistry?

As expected, I became obsessed with this as well and not even knowing it I started the 5 steps again! I had infused myself. (Step 5)

Enter Decker Velie, a successful businessman from Minnesota who had already had a similar realization and agreed that there could be nothing more important than helping ARTISTS tap into their power to create the world they envisioned. (Hence, our company, Activated!)

So after much gnashing of the teeth, pulling hair, and worlds falling apart around us; we examined and applied with great enthusiasm. lots of wrong takes and finally hammered out, with great relief I may say, the 5 steps to become an ARTIST.

Each step opens the door to more in-depth and defined steps. These are the practical, everyday tangible things we can do to set ourselves up for the next step. As my kids' gymnastics teachers used to say, you can't do a triple somersault until you master a single.


Because our purpose to empower others is stronger than all the reasons we can't, here they are...

1. Accept the Challenge

2. Define the Rules

3. Master Your Craft

4. Elevate Your Skill

5. Infuse You

Don't worry, we will break down every step into easily, digestible bite-sized nuggets, so you can get on with the task of transforming your life.

Create, Create, Create

The common denominator in every one of theses steps is to embrace the truth that innately you are driven to create. Be it a product, an event or an effect; you have the potential to create something exceptional. When that happens, you open the door to something extraordinary. You open the door to freedom. You open the door to you.

I'll tell you a little secret about when you tap into you. All these things that jab at you in your life that make you feel unstable, anxious or nervous. Well, they disappear. Why? Because no one can ever invalidate, correct or destroy truth. You are you and that is the truth and the best part will be that you know it.

As Dr. Seuss says, "There is no one alive who is you-er than you."

Check out our next blog and we'll get started with your very first step to becoming the ARTIST you always knew you could be! Step 1: How to Become an ARTIST

With great love,


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Love this! Inspiring message to learners on how to cultivate their skills, apply grit, and align themselves with their passion. All of which are very important ingredients to success! Great read!


Thanks so much for joining. We can’t wait to unfold the Artist in you


Awesome article! I am excited about reading the 5 Steps. Thank you for helping me realize that I am an artist!


Leslie Lorenz
Leslie Lorenz
Jun 06, 2018

So exciting! Can’t wait to read the next steps!

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