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The 3 Rules to Handle the Stress of High Expectations

Updated: Mar 24

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Woman sitting on bench in beautiful setting

There is no feeling better than having high expectations.

The future is bright. That which you hope to achieve is achievable!

There are so many great words involved in high expectations. Trust, belief, hope, and imagination just to name a few.

But why is it that so many times in our lives we find that our expectations are not met and then we feel disappointed.

Why IS this and how can we ensure we do not become the effect of those expectations?

The answer?

You apply the Second Step of Becoming an ARTIST.

What's that?

You Define The Rules.

No matter what we do in life, there are always established or agreed upon rules that direct us toward success.

Expectations are no different.

Let’s see how this works in real life.

You are planning an amazing vacation!

You’re going to a small island and you have invited friends to join you and you are expecting to have an amazing time!

girl in beautiful swimming spot on island

Fantastic! Okay, I’m jealous. : )

Alright, how do you ensure that the vacation ends up being what you expected?

Well, you examine your expectations (the rules in this case) for the trip..... and then you measure them against reality.

Let's try it:

Your Expectation: medium-high budget

Measurement: We’re financially in the same boat, so we can afford the same things.

Your Expectation: No stress

Measurement: Both couples have been to an island before, so we all know what to expect.

Your Expectation: : Lots of water sports!

Measurement: We both love beach/resort type vacations!

Two Adirondack chairs in beautiful calm ocean water

Okay, so you’ve established a great compatibility to achieve your expectation of a great vacation…

But, here is where we go one step further….Communication. If you don’t communicate those expectations to your friends, then you could set yourself up for an absolute nightmare of a vacation.

Your friends may love beach/resort vacations, but what if they never go in the water. The expectations you set for enjoying water sports together could never be lived up to and that could ruin your whole trip!

It’s not enough to define and then measure, you must communicate!

Have coffee or go to dinner. Talk about your plans and let everybody talk about their expectations!

After you chat you can either adjust your expectations for the trip or you can choose not to take this particular trip together.

You'll either save the trip or your friendship.

“Know before you go,” as my dear friend, Eric used to say.

I highly recommend setting high expectations not just for plans and projects but also for the relationships in our lives. It’s wonderful to have high expectations for your family, friends, and co-workers, but it's important to define them, measure them against reality and let people know what you expect of them.

For example:

When you use the shower, just make sure to put a towel on the floor.

When I call you, at least text me back to acknowledge you got my call.

Yes, you can borrow my calculator, but please make sure to return it.

Life is so much easier when we know what is expected of us!

So often we just wing it and hope for the best, but when you take the time to define the rules, measure them against reality, and communicate them, you find that you allow yourself to create the freedom to enjoy those plans, projects and relationships.

Your ability to create an exceptional and achievable expectation makes you an ARTIST.

You Are An ARTIST.

I see it!

See you next week when we delve into applying "The 5 Steps to Creating an Exceptional Vacation."

With Great Love,


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