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How to Live a Happy, Successful, and Fulfilling Life. The Answer May Surprise You

Updated: Mar 22

By Discovering the Truth... That You are an ARTIST!

You see, ARTISTS are not confined to painting and sculpting. ARTISTS are free to use their exceptional creative thought, talent and skill in any endeavor that calls them. Some of the greatest ARTISTS in the world can be called farmers, athletes, parents and teachers. Their canvases can be wheat fields, ball fields, families and students; but their work is as moving and as beautiful as any masterpiece.

“artist: (ärˈtĭst)n. a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.”

So, to the degree that you do anything exceptionally well... YOU are an ARTIST!

Think about what you do in your life on a daily basis. Think about the great care you take to make others happy, the time you devote to the smallest details in your work, or your commitment as a volunteer or a mentor.

Think about all the things you create every single day; schedules, time, plans, problems, and solutions. You create communication, possibilities and endless moments of joy.

Do you see the connection? Fine artists create pieces of fine art but ARTISTS create exceptional lives.

So, what does being an ARTIST have to do with living a happy, successful, and fulfilling life? Everything!

When you transcend the everyday livingness of life by tapping into that wonderful thing that is you (we’ll go into how to do that in my next blog), a whole new world opens up; a world filled with magic, promise and beauty. A world where you instantly recognize that you have something unique, something special, something of great value to offer the world. In case you missed it, that something is You.

It is at this moment that you have found your own personal path to fulfillment.

Everything has changed because you now see life as you. Your choices are meaningful because they have direction and your days are brighter because they have purpose. Life is filled with hope, energy, opportunities and the understanding that the only way to achieve fulfillment is to pour that which is powerful, beautiful and exceptional about you into it.

It is the life you have always known was possible.

So, if you want to live a life of happiness, success, and fulfillment then you have to answer one question.

What kind of ARTIST are YOU?

Be the ARTIST.

You don't have to focus on changing your whole world. The world will change when you focus on tapping into what is unique about you because everything that is beautiful about life starts with you.

You are an ARTIST. We see it.

Get Activated!

People have always said life is art, but we show you HOW that is exactly true!

In our next blog we will reveal the 5 STEPS to set you on the path to become the ARTIST you know you can be! You see, there are rules of artistry that you can follow to achieve your goals of creating your most adventurous, amazing and beautiful life!

If you haven't already, make sure to visit our home page and subscribe so you don't miss any of our future posts!

With great love and admiration,

Annie K Laven

Decker Velie


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