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An Exciting Update!

A lot is happening down at the Activated! Studio!

We've undergone a renovation of space and we've spiffied up our look AND we are expanding our reach.


We are actively engaged in a long term content creation push which includes interviews, short videos, a podcast, an online course and even a book! 

We are committed to bringing the world the second definition of artist and enlightening all to the message that they can use that definition to elevate their living!

We are so grateful for your continued support! Find out below all the exciting content we're creating! 

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Annie's blog is ranked one of the top 75 Happiness Blogs on Earth!  

If you are subscribed you'll be getting a shoutout very soon with her latest post, "The Beautiful Art of Friendship".

If you're not subscribed you can do so at the bottom of this page!

Insightful short vids (reels)

Annie will be publishing 2 short videos (reels) a week from her new studio filled with insights about living the life of an artist and of course.....her love of words!!!  

You won't want to miss these! 

You'll be able to catch these on Instagram and Youtube!

You Are An ARTIST Podcast

Annie is currently developing a one hour podcast that will air once a week!

More details will be released as the launch date is determined. 


Annie is thrilled to announce she has been invited to be a guest on best selling author, Paul Samuel Dolman's, "What Matter's Most" podcast. Check out his podcast here.  

Make sure to subscribe so we can let you know when the episode airs. 

Check out Annie's first interview on The Counterparts Talk Show!


Online Course

Annie is currently in the studio filming!


We are super excited for the release of her first course which will help people around the world find their voice and live the life they always knew they could! It promises to be as beautiful as it is enlightening!

Get Activated! Vids

We are so excited to start posting our Get Activated! videos showcasing close friends and family expressing how they create! Be on the look out! They are fun, and thoughtful! They really hit the mark! 

Thanks to LiveTribe for the amazing work on these videos!

Make sure to Follow us on all Social Media Platforms, to Share and to Subscribe!

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