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The Purpose of Purpose

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This course is based on Annie's Top 75 Happiness Blog On Earth, "You Are An ARTIST" ! On this course, you will discover the meaning of your life by identifying the single driving force behind everything that you do! On this course you will: - Discover your value. - Find your place in the world. - Gain an understanding of the magnitude of your potential - Experience calm certainty. Gain Clarity in all areas of your life. 10 Lessons include: 12 Videos - length of time: 52:22; Varied number of questions after each video TESTIMONY: "In going through this course I felt myself change, in a good way. Parts of me that were dormant are now reactivated. The course is layed out very optimally and got me to connect previously unconnected dots. I'm eager to apply my purpose! I recommend this to anyone on planet earth. Sincerely." Bryan Broussard "The Purpose of Purpose course is a true adventure! This is Big!!! Life was happening all around me during this course and it was such a glorious tool to use!" Jo Alex Statham "This was such a thoughtful course. It was also an unexpected spiritual experience as opposed to many other online courses. Thank you so much for putting this together for us! Catalina Llano

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