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Parents Will: 

Discover Why They are so Valuable to their Children and to the Community
Discover What it Really Means to Be "On Purpose" as a Parent AND in Life
Rejuvenate Their "Big Picture " Dreams
Attain Their Best Results With More Certainty and Less Effort

Understand the Connection between their Purpose and their Success

Rediscover all the most beautiful, powerful and valuable things about yourself

Our Rejuvenation Project

  • 3 hour Seminar (workbook included)

  • A thought provoking, calming, and inspirational approach to helping parents rekindle their zest for life.

  • A First of Its Kind Interactive Program (3 steps to Purpose Recovery)

  • A 1 -Week Follow up Program to ensure each parent can apply their purpose to parenting and life.

  • A copy of the book, "The Purpose of Purpose" for each person.

Final Product For Parents: Each parent discovers and is able to put their Primary Purpose into words, see that they can apply it to their parenting and to life so their children can benefit from the clarity knowing their purpose brings.

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Rejuvenation Project

starting at $100.00/person 

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