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It's Okay To Ask, "Why?" - You can know your purpose

Updated: Nov 18

Blonde woman in gold turtle neck sweater gesturing  "why" with her arms and hands.

Do you remember that question? Either your kids were constantly asking it or you asked it as a child.

But why did we stop asking why? : )

Often times we got the same answer, “Because,” or even better, “because I said so”. At some point we each decided well, I guess that’s the answer, because someone said so.

We can look back and understand the impact of that decision in many areas of our lives, but more often than not, the biggest impact was made in the area of ourselves.

The why behind who we are…the purpose or the driving force behind the living of our lives is a pretty big “but why” and of course, mom, dad, grandma or your teacher could never have given you the answer even if they had wanted to.

Grandfather hugging his granddaughter on ball field as they watch a game.

Asking why is a powerful question because when we do get to the why, we often experience relief, understanding, compassion, joy and clarity. Yes, on occasion we also experience disappointment and a myriad of other emotions, but either way we do get to something very important…..the answer.

What we can do with that answer is endless. We can learn from it. We can expand on it. We can move on. We can create off of it. We can share it. We can use it to help.

Why? : )

Because when we get the answer, it is definitive. It is what it is.

What does that do for us? Well, it frees us. It grounds us. It makes us stable. It removes the doubt we so often live with on a daily basis.

Imagine knowing the why behind your life.

Beautiful smiling woman with curly black hair.

We love God and we know we were made in his image but each of us are different for a reason. We add something very special and unique to the world around us. There is a purpose to our existence.

It’s okay to ask why.

  • It’s okay to ask what value do I offer to the world?

  • Is there something about me that is truly unique?

  • Is there something profoundly powerful about me that it cuts through the harshness of life and allows me to create a fulfilling life-style?

Curly hair with look of fulfillment in striped blue and white shirt

Can I stand with confidence and clarity, knowing that my purpose in life is beautiful, powerful and extremely valuable to all those in my life?

It’s one thing to have a sense of what your purpose is but being able to put it into words is a whole other level of existence. Can you imagine having such clarity that the core of what makes you, you, becomes definable?

But is it even possible to define it…to be able to put it into words? It’s been a subject that has been left to blow in the wind as if to say there is no way to ever really know.

Did we stop asking why so long ago that we have just accepted the only acceptable answer….”because.”

Well, the truth is you can know.

And I can tell you from experience, knowing my purpose and being able to put it into words has helped me during the loss of my beloved husband, Mickey and the raising of my four young boys in his absence. It is the reason in the face of great sadness, heart breaking disappointment, chaos, and confusion, I am able to continue to move steadily forward and continue to love and admire the world and those around me.

Peaceful woman, Annie K Laven sitting outside at wooden picnic table.

God has blessed us each with the ability to love, especially when it seems at times it is so hard to do so.

We just need to be able to tap into that lovely place inside of us that generates it. That place is you.

You can know your purpose. You can put it into words. You can find fulfillment because there is something very beautiful and specific about you that creates continuity throughout your life and throughout the life of others.

You are the source of something truly special. It’s okay for you know exactly what it is.

I encourage you to ask “why?”

With Great Love, Annie

The way you live your life can be artistry.

You are an ARTIST, I see it!

Confident woman in pink leopard top and short curly hair.

Catalina Llano

My purpose is to guide others to determine the direction they want to go in and get them into action!

Realizing my Primary Purpose has helped me identify what I bring to anybody's life with my presence in it. This was such a wonderful, simple, and spiritual course. The simplicity is so strong! Thank you!

Smiling and beautiful blonde woman in green and a blue scarf

Cecile MacMillan

My purpose is to inspire others to feel capable to create strong families and communities, contributing to a thriving society of secure and able beings!

It all just came together!!! Once I realized the impact I wanted to have, everything became clear! Thank you, Annie!

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