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What is Friendship?

Updated: Jan 26

Annie and her friend hugging atop The Maddox Hotel in Nashville Tennessee living the best advice of friendship

Let's Take a look at Friendship

We all have different kinds of friendships and each of us, at times, have sought advice on how to define our friendships. I present to you the best advice on friendship because today, we actually define what is friendship!

Now, let us reacquaint ourselves with the framework we will be working with as we address the world of friendships. Today, we will view friendship from the realm of artistry. We do this because artistry represents an elevated experience and friendships, as we will see, are to be measured from this height.

Today, as we so often do, we start with the second definition of ARTIST (2): A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.

In this case, that person referenced in the definition could be you being a friend to another, or another being a friend to you.

I wonder.

Is it possible that friendship is such a blessing that, in its natural state, artistry?

Let’s find out and if so, why!

Understanding Artistry in Terms of Friendship

There are so many directions we can go to obtain an understanding of friendship in terms of artistry, but since friendship feels so close to artistry to begin with, let’s take a look at what makes the life of an artist seem so valuable. Let’s see if that helps us find some direction and let's see if it lives up to being the best advice on friendship.

Okay, I’m going to start with a question because you know that is what I love to do.

What is it that we admire about the life of an artist?

paint tubes, paint brushes, and a rag filled with paint on a  palette. This image helps explain the best advice for friendship by connecting friendship to art; both having the characteristics of  being used to express yourself.
Artists, like friends can express themselves

Well, simply put, artists have the ability to express themselves with confidence.

That’s no easy task as they must first know themselves, right?

To know themselves, yes, that IS valuable!

Let’s take this into the realm of friendship.

Friendships help us grow. They help us cope. They help us understand. They comfort us. They build us up. They inspire us to be what we can be.

How can a friend do that effectively unless they KNOW who we are?

Ahhhh! That is the connection. We spend lifetimes trying to figure out who we are and yet our lovely friends have known all along.

How do we know that?

Definition of Friend

Let’s look at the definition of friend.

Annie and her friend, Jo Alex, a realtor, create the future as they flip through real estate magazines
Friend n. one attached to another by affection or esteem.

Friend n. one attached to another by affection or esteem.

Esteem? Oh….that’s a great word! You probably have an idea of what it means but let’s see the definition.

Esteem: to set a high value on: regard highly and prize accordingly.

Wow! I love this!

"Regard highly and prize accordingly".

Let’s sit with this for a moment because this really is beautiful!

Think about all the people you meet on a daily basis. Think about how some, you connect with and some, you don’t. Think about those that you do connect with, how many of them do you open yourself up to?

There is something sacred about a friend, isn’t there? There is a moment where you are seen, wholly, in all your most beautiful and powerful self by another. The loveliest part is that you both feel it. There is a freedom that comes with it. A feeling of being optimistic that you can deal with anything.

Those aren’t just words. It is something quite special when it happens.

Which brings us to friendship.

Is there a difference between a friend and friendship?

Colorful cutout hearts hang on a clothes line in the summer sunshine
There is a difference between friend and friendship

I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes! : )

Let’s do a little exploring and look at the suffix of friendship, “ship”…..

It means "to shape"

A friend can see you and be a safe port in the sea of confusion and chaos and yet you only speak to them once a year or once every five years. This is valuable in and of itself. It is always important to know there are people out in the world who see you. It give you confidence that you are not alone.

But a friendship is different because there is action involved....Shaping.

two hands covered in clay shapes something on a potter's wheel.
suffix of friendship, “ship”….. It means "to shape"

A friendship is extremely special as it requires time and effort and commitment and the willingness to shoulder the pain of life when it comes crashing down…….by both parties. That’s what makes it so special. Both parties hold each other in high regard. It is a mutual respect. It’s why these relationships are consistent and why they last.

Shaping is an interesting word as it can only occur if there is trust.

Trust is everything as it allows us the freedom to be.

Now that we understand more fully the world of friends and friendships… the question is…

“Are friendships, in their natural state, artistry?

Well, since I wanted to get to the bottom of this, I dug all the way to the root of the word, “friend” and this is what I found: from Proto-Indo-European *preyH- (“to like, love”), equivalent to free

Equivalent to free written in script
the root of the word, “friend” is equivalent to free

There it is.

Did you know there are 15 definitions of the word “free”?

(15 minutes later)

I went with this one.


: not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being : choosing or capable of choosing for itself,

Do you see how this pulls it all together?

The purpose of a friend is to see you and help you be your natural state. Your natural state is inherently you and being you is freedom.

A butterfly is released from a woman's hand with the blue sky in the background
The purpose of a friend is to see you and help you be your natural state.

Think of how blessed we are to have our friendships.

If we are ever in question as to whether we can live with the freedom to know ourselves and that we can live the life of an artist, we need only look to our friendships.

How lucky are we?

So, did we discover the best advice on the artistry of friendship?

I believe we did!!

Your friendships are ARTISTRY.

I see it. : )

Go Out And Apply The Best Advice on Friendship to Your Life

Continue to join me as we delve into the 5 steps that will elevate your life to artistry and help you achieve confidence in business and in life!

Apply them as a mom, a teacher, a student or a business owner!

These steps occur naturally in life and as you apply them you will notice they become more accessible. Each step has multiple layers, and we go over all of them here in this blog.

1 - Accept the Challenge

2 - Define the Rules

3 - Master Your Craft

4 - Elevate Your Skill

5 - Infuse You

Life can be beautiful.

It can be fulfilling.

You have the ability to make it that way!

If you missed the introduction to the 5 Steps of Being an ARTIST, Here is the link How to Live a Happy, Successful, and Fulfilling Life

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