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The One Aspect of Choices You Might Be Forgetting

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

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Does it ever feel like your life is getting too hectic? Maybe you're starting to feel unsettled or you're worrying more than you used to.

Ever wonder what's at the root of that unsettled feeling or why we find ourselves caught up in or consumed by the worry of life?

Well, it’s quite possible it boils down to one subject…


Think about how many choices we make a day.

When to get up.

What to wear.

What to eat.

Should I workout today?

Do I make that call?

Do I take that call?

Do I read this or do I read that?

Should I trust?

Should I agree?

arrow pointing in three different directions

First of all, with all these decisions we make every single day, we’re bound to get one or two wrong, so that's no big deal. Give yourself a break!

In fact, many of us have already found wonderful ways to do that!

Man trimming a tree creating a beautiful life.

We take a walk.

We call a friend.

We have a glass of wine.

We work in the garden.

These are all excellent ways to address stress and worry, but sometimes we just can’t shake off that stress and worry and making choices becomes more and more difficult. We stop trusting ourselves and we may end up choosing to abandon an area of interest because of it.

But what if there were a path you could take that allowed you to feel more and more confident about your choices as you are making them?

What if you could find that path?

Well, today, we do!

Beautiful Woman eagerly taking notes

Are you ready?

Excellent! Let's do this!

Let's discover the one aspect of choices you might be forgetting.

Imagine a time when you experienced joy.

Beautiful Daughter laughing on dad's back

Hearing the laugh of a child.

Achieving a long sought after goal.

Seeing a loved one after a long separation.

Any time you were able to experience joy.

Were you able to do it?


That is your path back to making good choices.

How, you ask?

Because that experience validated your ability to recognize and experience good things in life.

That ability is the key to good choices!

Let me explain....Your ability to see and feel good things affects your attitude about life and your attitude impacts every choice you make!

Beautiful smiles on two women of differing ages.

It's not hard to imagine that if your attitude about life is a positive one, your choices will follow that perspective.

If your attitude about life has become negative, your choices will follow that perspective.

The most important choice we make every morning is how we are going to view the world today!

So, remember you have the ability to experience, recognize and imagine joy and that is at the core of your ability to make good choices.

How great is that?

In order to live the life of an ARTIST, and more importantly to benefit from the elevated state of existence as an ARTIST, you have to be able to tap into your core essence, your innate energy…YOUR SPIRITUAL FINGERPRINT (that which makes you, you) and come to understand your value to the world is a positive one. This is at the heart of living the life of an ARTIST and is the secret to staying connected to your ability to make the right choices for you. It all starts with a positive attitude!

Thanks so much for choosing to hang out with me today! I'm so happy you're here!

Check in next week when we delve into the Ultimate Guide to Creating Hope

You are an ARTIST.

I see it.

With Great Love,


Make sure to check out the new addition to the website. I call it My Picks. I showcase people from around the world who choose to elevate their craft and live life as an ARTIST!

My first pick is Liziqi

Category: The Art of Living This channel is simply stunning. Liziqi shows us how she elevates the simplest chores of everyday living to artistry.

She is an ARTIST. We see it.

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8 Yorum

Wow! Spiritual Fingerprint! That's So Fresh!


I am glowing with happiness after watching your beautiful audio blog video!

Truly inspiring! Thank you so much Annie!!


14 Nis 2022

I love the way you express yourself Annie!

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Thank you so much!!! So appreciated!


13 Nis 2022

Today was a good day but tomorrow will be even better!!

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

I love that! Thanks for the positive proclamation! I'm with you!!


08 Nis 2022

Nicely said.

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Thank you so much! So appreciate it! Thanks for reaching out! I'm so glad you're here!

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