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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Hope

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

girl bathed in sunshine enjoying a beautiful life

Imagine if every morning you woke up and you had hope.

Hope for a great day.

Hope for a better world.

Hope for peace.

What would that feel like?

Would there be a bright ray of light that filled your room with excitement?

Would you look forward to what that day would bring?

Wow! What a way to start the day, right!

But what if life seemed to be falling apart everywhere you turned, and even worse, you felt there was nothing you could do about it. What then? Where is the hope then?

Should you just accept the gloominess that day brings?

You could, but what if you wake up the next morning and it's still there. Before you know it, gloom is the new normal!


Could you create hope?

But is that even possible?

You better believe it!

The definition of HOPE is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

So, hope is a reaction isn’t it?

It is not an isolated state of existence. You don’t just have hope. You create it!

The word, Wow! in large yellow font

I love that!

So, if you are feeling like there is no hope, what does that mean?

Well, it means one of two things; 1) You haven’t put a certain thing (a plan, a goal, a project) into the future, so you can expect it or desire it to happen or 2) that something you did put into the future isn't working out.

So….. what’s the answer?

How do you create hope?

You do something!!!

You know! You put something there to work toward, to look forward to, or to prepare for….Anything!

Or in the second scenario, you do something different.

Try a new perspective or adjust your technique.

Hope is about creating future, so find a new or better way to do that something to keep the hope alive.

Now, if you’re starting anew, you can start small.

Focus on you. Schedule time each day for yourself. Something that brings you joy. A good book or a relaxing walk. Both of these give you something to look forward to. I hope it’s a good book. I hope I experience something amazing on my walk.

You can then think a little bigger! You can plan that project you’ve always talked about! You know, the little garden in the backyard, or learn to make that pie you loved as a kid. These require a bit more planning and effort, which is great for actively putting something into the future to be hopeful about! I hope the garden turns out nicely! I hope the pie tastes like I remember!

Feels overwhelming?

No biggie.

Here's a secret. Just put something into the future 3% more than you are doing now. My favorite instructor once told me that you only need to increase your workouts by 3% and she was right!

I do that with everything now!!!

You’re feeling hopeless about money? Create a plan for the future (a budget or a journal to create or save 3% more). That will give you lots of hope!

You’re feeling worried about the state of the world? Decide how to get more involved in a way that makes you feel 3% more in control of your future!!

Hope. Hope. Hope.

It’s so important because it elevates our spirit which inspires us to create more future.

If you have hope then all things are possible.

If you have no hope, what do you have?

Sadness, depression, feeling of being alone, or failure?

How are you going to create anything, if you have no hope?

You get the idea.

Hope is beautiful….it indicates there is a future.

Hope is powerful… it validates you for the work you’ve done to create your future.

So, do you see it?

Your ability to create hope is just one more example of your ability to create exceptional things.

Being able to create exceptional things makes you an ARTIST.

You are an ARTIST.

I see it.

With Great Love,


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Apr 22, 2022

I loved it Annie. It‘s very true!! Thank you….


Apr 20, 2022

Awes read, Annie. Thanks for sharing

Replying to

You are so welcome! I'm so glad you're here!


Well Done!

Hope equals future!

Love the 3% rule


Replying to

Thanks so much, Bryan! I'm so glad you found this post helpful!

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