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Key Benefits of What You Can Learn From Others

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Daisy with caption that says, You are beautiful. I see it.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about discovering your purpose.

Each post has been designed to shake away the confusion and distraction of the many elements of life, and in doing so, help you zero in on that one driving force that is unique to you. That one thing that can give your life a meaningful direction - your purpose.

It's all very exciting!

So far you have….

1. Gotten acquainted with a life lived.

2. Understood the importance of love.

3. Realized the impact of everyday goals.

Today, you will expand your search for purpose beyond just looking at your own life.

Today, I will ask you to allow the words of others to help you come one step closer to defining your purpose.

Hold the phone!

the word? in multiple colors and fun font

We’re going to do what?

Isn’t it funny how most of us automatically resist the idea of hearing other’s ideas of who we are?

There is so much beauty and truth in how others see us if we just allow ourselves to hear or see it. To be willing to accept a compliment doesn’t make you vain or arrogant. Being able to accept a compliment makes you grateful. A compliment is a gift and sometimes words are the most people can give. We should be thankful for those gifts. They have great value to them and to you especially, when you're trying to define your purpose.

So, today, we are going to spend time focusing on the words used to describe you by others.

Now, where do you find these words?

Well, here are a few places you can start.

Thank you notes that were written to you.

Birthday cards you have received.

Work reviews.

Personality tests that you have taken.

How about conversations with friends or family or what about an accolade you have received? Think about what the presenter said about you. What words were used?

Kind? Hard worker? Persistent? Funny? Logical? Compassionate? Professional?

Okay! Isn’t this fun! Really! It’s okay to be told how lovely you are! It’s okay to be acknowledged for your strength or leadership or beauty. What a wonderful accomplishment. You have moved someone to the point where they want to compliment you! That’s fantastic!

Now, I’m giving you permission to embrace these words. Allow yourself to hear them. Allow yourself to believe them.

These words are the result of what you DO in life. They describe your impact on others. They are important. They are not what YOU think your impact is, but what it REALLY is.

We are zeroing in on you and your impact on the world around you. This… has everything to do with defining your purpose!

You are unique and what drives you is as unique as you are. It reflects all that is great about love, life, and God.

Beautiful green valley with blue sky and fence

Maybe today you can send a note or a message to someone you love to acknowledge something special about them. You never know who needs to hear it. It could turn an unbearable day into a beautiful one and may just help someone you love realize what drives them to create a meaningful life.

I can’t wait until next week to help you continue your quest!

Here is my compliment to you...

You are an ARTIST.

I see it.

With Great Love,


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1 Comment

Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray
Apr 02, 2019

So beautiful, Annie. Thank you for sharing!

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