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5 Steps to a Clutter-Free Life

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Space is happiness, success, & fulfillment. Activated! ARTIST

Last week we talked about TIME and how it helps us define our lives. Today we take up Space, more specifically, clutter.

Not just the clutter in your closet, but the clutter in your mind and maybe even in your soul.

I always like to say, "Organization equals freedom."

As you can see in our graphic below, Organization is one of our main tenets.

Do you see it? Yep! According to our philosophy, if you are an exceptional organizer, in any area of life, you are an ARTIST.

Wow! Right? I just love that!

As an ARTIST, you are able to see more clearly what is in front of you and therefore able to create amazing solutions.

I mean what is more valuable in getting through life Happy, Successful, and Fulfilled than problem solving right? It’s what allows us to continue to win the game.

Before we go on, let’s revisit what being an ARTIST has to do with Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment.

Being an ARTIST means we are operating at an exceptional level in some area of our lives and by doing so, we are able to transcend the normal everyday livingness of life and see clearly what is in front of us. This brings us freedom to see the world through our own eyes. This is freedom to create our path to Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment.

Because, let’s face it, there is no sweeter happiness than being successful in actions that are on our purpose.

Time, Space and Energy are three paths to creating the life we always knew we could have.

Now, back to SPACE. When I’m not working on my blog and other writing projects, I do other things. One of those is working at the Container Store, which I just love!

What is The Container Store known for?

Helping you organize and create SPACE!

Ever wonder why you walk into their stores and you feel rejuvenated, inspired, and motivated? Well, hopefully it's partly because of the staff, : ) but really it’s because they are offering you something priceless… they are offering you freedom from clutter, which robs you of space.

I’m talking more than just physical space, I’m talking about the clutter in your mind, clutter in your soul kind of space.

The degree with which we can confront things in our lives often times is decided by our space. If our physical space is organized, then we can see opportunity and accept challenges. If we are so weighed down by the clutter in our space and in our minds, then we can be considered blind to opportunities that can elevate our lives.

ACTIVATED! ARTIST achieving happiness, success, & fulfillment

If our mental space is cluttered, we can’t think, we can’t make decisions quickly, or at all.

If our emotional space is cluttered, we can’t see what is really in front of us and we can make mistakes.

If our spiritual space is cluttered, then well… we can’t really see what is beautiful, especially in ourselves.

Space defines our lives. There is no question about it. (Thanks again to Dash for the reminder.)

Now, what kind of space do we create?

1. Beautiful spaces – wide open with lots of room to breathe and grow.

2. Cluttered spaces – confined and overridden, which stifles our reach toward beauty and growth.

3. Tiny spaces – barely let anyone or anything in, so we limit our reach toward beauty and growth.

4. No space - we can’t fit anything into our lives and we begin to shrink.

Look around you. What kinds of spaces have you created?

Pick one area; physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

1. Identify it

2. Confront it

3. Organize it

4. Be in it.

5. Create in it.

It's TIME to take that SPACE back. Remember that you are innately beautiful and life can be about rediscovering, uncovering and/or recognizing that. It's TIME to allow yourself to expand to all that is exceptional about you.

ORGANIZING your SPACE is just one of the tools you can use to do that.

You are exceptional. No one can be a better you, than you.

So, go out there and organize, expand, or just reclaim your space.

You Are An ARTIST. I see it.

Next week, we address ENERGY. Yay!

We have a guest contributor to our Observation Deck today. Enjoy Bill Gamble's wonderful insight into life. His piece is entitled, "Decisions".OBSERVATION DECK

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With Great Love,



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Tina Dang
Tina Dang
Oct 27, 2018

eye opening wowie!!!


Patti Ingro Mead
Patti Ingro Mead
Sep 10, 2018

Space and time alone in it is key to my ability to create


Corinne N Lilja Theis
Corinne N Lilja Theis
Sep 04, 2018

Two weeks after our daughter's wedding at our home, and the house looks as if it were just yesterday...that explains the three hours of threshold consciousness this morning (commonly known as half awake half asleep. The clutter is suffocating! Time to "Take my space back!" Thanks again Annie <3


Spot on! Calmness entering in from putting order in!

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