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An opened journal with the 2nd definition of artist written in calligraphy next to a latte in an dark orange mug

Activate An Artist Agrees... Life Is Art

Introducing the one word that best describes the power of you...

Artists are not confined to painting and sculpting. Artists are free to use their exceptional creative thought, skill or talent in any endeavor that calls them. Some of the greatest artists in the world may be called farmers, athletes, moms, and teachers. Their canvases may be wheat fields, ball fields, homes or classrooms, but their work is as moving and as beautiful as any masterpiece. 

A word from Annie..."Life is Art"

Did you know that having an exceptional ability to create is at the heart of every solution in life? 

The more solutions you can create, the more 
success you can have.
The more success you have, the easier it is to create solutions.
The easier it is to create solutions...the easier it is to create artistry which is your exceptional life! 

You see...Life IS art! 
The owner of Activated!, Annie sits sweetly at an wooden picnic table smiling as she welcomes you to read her blog, "You Are An ARTIST"

Annie K Laven

We Share Our Solutions for Life in Various Ways

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A Life Changing Online Course!

Everything you need to be inspired to create solutions for an amazing life!

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"You Are An Artist"

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My blog gives step-by-step instructions to create the life you always knew you could live

Daily  Message

Something to inspire you today to help create your solutions for life! 

Who decided that 3 feet was the amount of space you need to be comfortable? We hear it all the time. "Give that person their space, give them their 3 feet. People get uncomfortable when you invade their 3 feet of space. 

That suggests to me that I take up only 3 feet of space. 

Good news is that I know that I take up much more space than that and I love it when you are IN my space! 

Understanding the importance of how big you are and how much space you actually take up is a big part of understanding your value to the world!


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