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Annie specializes in helping you
rediscover what makes you
Beautiful, P
owerful, and Valuable
using Perspective and Practical Tools. 

She can help you rise above the confusion and anxiety of daily life to create a rich, uplifting and fulfilling life-style.   

Looking for answers to create a more fulfilling life-style?

Annie K Laven, blogger, writer, content creator leans against a rust colored rail in Franklin, TN with a warm and inviting smile.

Tools That Can Change Your Life

Download Annie's Free Formula and start creating your rich and fulfilling lifestyle!

Yes or No Formula cover

Quick & easy download.

Restore Your Purpose

Discover your value to the world in Annie's life-changing online course, 

"The Purpose of Purpose"

  • Pull the pieces of your life together
  • Get rid of the confusion
  • Discover your true potential
  • Find peace of mind

3 Packages

The Basic  $59.00 - The Course

Complete  $89.00 - The Course +

Personal  $159.00 - The Course ++

Change your life in an hour, a day, or a week.



C. Macmillan - Mom, Designer

Life seemed so much more complicated than it should be.

After doing this beautiful course, I can see how each piece of my life works together to create an exciting whole! 


Annie's course opened up a beautiful path so I could see me!

A. Morris - Mom, Realtor

 Going through the steps of the course has been enlightening and thought provoking.


I've learned there is a lot about me that I like!  

banjo tab.jpg

T.  Laven - Musician

I have spent years searching for answers that would remove the confusion of life.

By the end of this course, the confusion was gone and I could see clearly there wasn't just one path forward, but many! 

A personal note from Annie


In 2015, as I was researching a character for one of my screenplays I stumbled upon the 2nd definition of artist ...and it changed my life.

artist 2. n  a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill. 

I realized that this definition meant that anyone could transform their lives by elevating their creative ability or skill. We could pour our uniqueness into our life and our relationships, and we could create a life filled with joy, fulfillment and artistry.

This definition of ARTIST is the greatest validation of who we are as individuals and has the potential to help us discover our true value to the world and that is what I want to share with you. The first step is to get to know yourself. Let's do this together! Let's create the most rich and fulfilling lifestyle possible!

Annie K Laven smiling

With Great Love,

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