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An opened journal with the 2nd definition of artist written in calligraphy next to a latte in an dark orange mug

Photograph by Quinn Kananack

Introducing the one word that best describes the power of you 


ARTISTS are not confined to painting and sculpting. ARTISTS are free to use their exceptional creative thought, skill or talent in any endeavor that calls them. Some of the greatest artists in the world may be called farmers, athletes, moms, and teachers. Their canvases may be wheat fields, ball fields, homes or classrooms, but their work is as moving and as beautiful as any masterpiece. 

"Did you know that having an exceptional ability to create is at the heart of every solution in life?"

The owner of Activated!, Annie sits sweetly at an wooden picnic table smiling as she welcomes you to read her blog, "You Are An ARTIST"

Annie K Laven

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Daily Message


You ever wake up in the morning and feel like there is some stress or anxiety that has magically appeared? You feel it. It's real. There is nothing you can think of that could be the reason for it. It's not like you're doing something new or confronting your taxes or anything! :  )


Well, have you ever asked yourself, "Is this mine?"


It's funny how that simple question goes a long way. Maybe you'll realize that you're sensing someone else's stress or anxiety. The next time it happens, check in with those you love. They will be happy you did. 



You Are An Artist

My blog gives step-by-step instructions to create the life you always knew you could live

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Activate The ARTIST In You

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