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The #1 Secret to Giving Your Life Meaning

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

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I challenge you this morning, today….gosh all week to focus on this one question:

What effect do you want to create on others?

It’s a pretty big question.

I'm asking you to become aware of the effects you want to create...

1 - In your conversations.

2 - In your actions.

3 - With your attitudes.

4 - With your views about life.

How do you want others to feel or act around you?

1 - Do you want to put them at ease?

2 - Do you want to keep them on their toes?

Think about it. Mull it over.

We talked earlier about what goals you wanted to achieve on a daily basis. Today we are talking about the effect those goals have on others.

Let’s get specific, as this is an area that is very near and dear to your purpose and worth some very directed attention.

I’ll start….

The reaction I want from others is…

- For others to feel good about who they are.

- For others to feel valuable.

- For others to feel comfortable with who they are.

Do you get the idea?

Maybe it’s worded in a different way to start.

Maybe you start with something like...

- I want to make others smile.

- I want to make others happy.

- I want to make others smarter.

- I want to make others calm.

Go ahead. Start your list. (I'm making some tea. I'll wait.)

Beautiful and delicate tea cup with saucer and tea with daisies in and near cup

If you’re having a hard time getting started think about a moment that made YOU the most happy.

A moment when you felt life was great!

Ask yourself, what did I do? Maybe it wasn’t what you did in that moment but something you had done earlier.

Maybe you are standing in the middle of an amazing party you have thrown and you are overwhelmed by the reaction to it. It’s not the reaction to what you had just done in that moment but what you spent weeks doing to prepare for the party.

You carried your desire to create that reaction for those at the party for weeks, maybe months.

Every choice you made about food, entertainment, décor and even who you invited was motivated by your desire to create an affect.

Beautiful garden table with purple flowered table cloth, pitcher, vase and fruit

So, what effect did you want to create?

This answer could be different for different people.

It could have been to bring joy.

It could have been to allow people to relax.

It could have been to encourage interaction.

There could be endless answers to this question.

Now, take some time and focus on the happiest moments in your life.

Think about the joy.

Think about the love.

Think about the moments you felt you were the very best of yourself.

Right there.

That’s the target.

What effect did you create on others?

I hope you feel you are getting close to understanding your purpose. You'll certainly know when you've found it.

Your purpose will bring you joy.

It will rescue you from upset, disappointment, and grief.

It will elevate you out of the darkness of mystery.

It will give your life meaning and direction.

This is truly so valuable. Every single day we make choices about who, what, where, and when.

Knowing your purpose gives you a definitive direction toward answers that will inevitably lead you towards happiness, success, and fulfillment. Why? Simple. Because when you know your purpose you know the answer to "why"!

Thanks for checking in and I'll see you next week when we take another step towards discovering your purpose!

You are an ARTIST

I see it.

With Great Love,


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