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#1 Way to Avoid Missed Opportunities

Updated: Mar 22

Last week I mentioned we'd talk about how words define our lives. I’m actually going to be more specific and talk about how not knowing what words mean can have power over our lives.

Here is a perfect example of how limited understanding can control our lives. Let’s start with this example:

You are an ARTIST.

At first glance, you may react to this statement with resistance because you are sure the word, “ARTIST” does not include you. But upon further review you see that the second definition of ARTIST can have everything to do with you. 2. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.

We can all become exceptional at something. We can all attain ARTISTRY in some area of our lives. We can all transcend the normal everyday livingness of life and achieve greatness!

Do you see how fully understanding the definition of just one word can open up possibilities to an extraordinary life you never knew existed?

Incredible right?

Think about the number of times we were late or made a mistake because we didn’t fully understand the directions or instructions. Think about the boredom, chaos, or flat-out disinterest in our lives that can be traced back to subjects we abandoned or words we just didn’t fully understand.

Think about how limited our reach in our profession may have become because of our limited understanding of job related words.

Oh my! Think of the implications!

I’ll give you a perfect example!

Last week I posted that Feedspot had selected my blog as one of the top 75 happiness blogs in the world and that our website is one to watch in 2018. Yay!

Feedspot is a world wide blog reader.

This is monumental for many reasons, but what you don’t know is that I almost blew it!

Yep! Oh, I feel my heart beating fast just typing this!

Well, I was doing some research about happiness blogs and the first time I saw the word, “Feedspot” I had no idea what it meant and I scrolled right passed it! It looked technical and I’m not a super techy gal, so I just scrolled right passed it. Then, I realized what I had done and scrolled back. I thought, “This is a prominent site on page 1 of Google. It must be a super big deal! Let me check it out.” So I did.

I was intrigued to discover that Feedspot is a News and Blog Reader. I didn't even know those types of things existed. I also discovered they are used by over one million users Globally. Wow!

It's a place where users can read all their favorite websites in one place. This is great! I loved this! So I subscribed. Then I continued to read and saw that they featured happiness blogs! I loved them even more! I dug a little deeper and discovered that their editorial team extensively searches on Google and social media websites to find the best Happiness blogs and ranks them based on several factors such as:

1. Blog content quality

2. Post consistency

3. Age of the blog

4. Average number of shares on social sites for your blog


5. Traffic of your blog and more.

I got really excited. These guys are incredible! They are on page 1 of Google AND they ensure people from around the world have access to the best happiness blogs on Earth AND they clearly Defined Their Rules! I knew I wanted to be connected to this group!

So, I took a deep breath and sent them an email saying hello.

They responded!


A really nice fellow said that I needed to add an RSS to my site to be eligible to be considered to be added to their list which threw me into another technical spin.

Moment of lonnnnnnnnnnnnng pause.

Research. Research. Research.

Ah! I got this!

Added it.

Then I got the news! We had made their list! Whoop! Whoop!

This is so huge! Being on their list effectively takes us from page 700,000,000 of the internet to being on page 1! It is truly unbelievable!

And I almost missed it just because there was a word there I didn't understand!

Whew! Thank goodness I knew about the power of words!

Now, I want to switch the subject for a second and say that I realize that I made this list in large part because of you, my readers. I have to say that what I love the most about you is that each of you know that this entire movement is more than just finding Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment for yourselves, it’s about seeing what’s beautiful about those around you and wanting others to achieve Happiness, Success, & Fulfillment.

Your sharing this blog is saying to those you love, I see in you all that is wonderful and I want you to live the exceptional life you deserve.

That is beautiful.

It is with the greatest love and gratitude in my heart that you have found this message valuable and that you share it with those you love.

You are an ARTIST. I see it.

For another moment of inspiration visit Decker's latest take on life with "Lights On the Early Morning Street". It is beautiful, as always.Observation Deck

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With Great Love,



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