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The Most Powerful Answer to a Gloomy Day

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Beautiful yellow sunset on green stalks.

So my friends,

I was wondering this morning, what kind of day did you decide to create?

Have you let the day unfold or have you been creating it?

I realize a lot of how we behave and that most of our schedules are on automatic, but should they be?

What if you got up today and everything you did, you did because you decided to do it.

Interesting, eh?

So, let me ask you again, when you woke up this morning what kind of day did you decide you were going to create?

Maybe you thought, “The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s going to be a perfectly lovely day!”

Good for you!

But then you ran into other people’s problems and that ruined your lovely day.

Sorry to hear about that, but did their problems ruin your day or did you decide their problems were going to ruin your day?

It’s a very fine line, but the powerful thing is you get to choose.

Maybe you woke up and it was dark and gray outside and you decided that’s what your attitude was going to be about life today.

Maybe the gray wasn’t outside, but in your mind or heart. Maybe there were problems at work or in school, in the world or at home that rushed in on you as you took in your first moment of the day.

I get it. We have all felt it. Life isn’t always bright and shiny, but is there a gloomy day answer?

Could you decide in that moment that you could be completely responsible for the 20 feet around you?

That in those twenty feet or maybe it’s only ten feet or three feet, but in that space around you, could you be responsible for your actions and reactions and could you be responsible for creating your day, at least in that space?

That would be something!

The great thing is that when you do that, you are helping those who share that space, have a better day too.

Everybody wins!

Beautiful smiling woman on happily smiling man's back

Every morning you have the chance to create the life you know you can live.

The question is, "Is it worth that little bit of extra effort!"

Your life can be beautiful if you choose to create it.

You are An ARTIST

I see it.

Thanks, Jen for sharing the wonderful conversation you had with your lovely daughter, Anna, whose positive attitude about life inspired my thoughts this morning.

With Great Love,


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