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The 3 Reliable Pillars That Define Our Lives

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Activated! ARTIST toward Happiness, Success, & Fulfillment

I often ask myself, "In ten years when I look back on this period in my life, these choices... what will I think?"

It's a way to give me a larger perspective about the choices I make or shall I say, "the challenges that I accept." It allows me to play out the consequences of my choices and where they might take me.

Do you ever do that?

It goes back to that idea of fulfillment. It's my way of measuring if I'm going to be closer to fulfillment with those choices or further away.

Last week we discussed defining the rules and how doing so, affects happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Today, we go a bit deeper. We'll discuss how certain facets of our daily lives actually define it.

So, today I ask the question, “How do we define our lives?”

Interesting question, right?

Well, we can thank my son Dash, who's attending school in Japan, for the answer. We had an amazing chat about how we define our lives and it became today's piece.

Are you ready?

Here we go…

We define our lives by…

1 - The TIME we chose to spend doing what we do.

2 - The ENERGY that we exert on things and what we

choose not to exert our energy on.

3 - The SPACE we create at home, at school, at work, etc.

(dishes put away, desk organized, car cleaned, etc.)

Think about it!

It’s crazy that you can break it down this way, right? But it's true!

Pretty cool, eh?

Now, let’s take a look at how TIME defines our lives.

Activated! ARTIST toward Happiness, Success, & Fulfillment

We get a good idea of the life we are leading by simply looking at how much time we spend...





talking about others

getting better at something


praying or meditating

watching cat videos

working hard

wasting time

As my husband once said while working on a song, “Sometimes, we’re just busy doing nothing.”


We can use TIME to help define our lives in another way.

We can spend the right amount of time.

We can spend too much time.

Or we can spend not enough time.

We can spend our TIME...







As you can see, TIME can have an enormous impact on how we define our lives. The best part is that it's OURS!

Every morning we choose how we are going to spend our TIME. With each choice we are either on our path to happiness, success, and fulfillment or we're off the path.

Each day is a new day!

Just like last week, we saw that when you define the rules clearly, life is just flat out better. Everybody wins!

Why not apply a few pro-active choices about our TIME, ENERGY, and the SPACE we create to ensure we're on the road to happiness, success, and fulfillment!

Next week, we'll talk more about SPACE. It's absolutely fascinating.

Be sure to check out this week's Observations Deck. It's a truly wonderful piece inspired by Decker's recent trip to Paris. "THE OTHER SIDE OF TIME." Observation Deck

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With Great Love,


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Tina Dang
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