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The Proven Way to Get Things Done (especially when you don't want to do them)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

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So, you're tired of not achieving your goals. You want to just get things done.

You’ve been thinking about doing something for quite some time. You know you can do it. Maybe you've done it once before. But now, it eludes you.

All you can think is….

It’s too hard!

I’m too tired.

I’ll start tomorrow.

I have an answer for you that will help you address achieving your goals and help you get things done!

It comes in the form of one word.


This is a most powerful tool we learned all about in math class but have never really applied to our everyday lives.

So, where do we begin? Let’s simply ask the first question.

What goal do you want to accomplish?

Maybe you want to get fit or you want to grow your hobby into a business, or you want to save money for vacation.

Okay, so you think about it all the time.

You know you should.

You just can’t get started.

That changes today!

Starting right now, we're going to confront achieving your goal and get you on your way to get things done!

Let's get started!

Day 1 - Today!!!! Right now!

Step 1.

Grab a sheet of paper.

What does this have to do with getting fit or starting a new business? Well, I’ll tell you! You’ve been thinking about it for some time now. It’s time to get it out of your head and into the real world. Now go get that paper!

Step 2.

Grab a pen.

Can't I write it on my computer?! You could...but there is an important reason I want you to write it down on paper, so go grab that pen. : )

Step 3.

You've got your pen and you've got your paper. You're already closer to achieving your goal than you were five minutes ago!

Are you ready?

Now, write down your goal across the top of the paper – (hint…To get fit or to start a new business, etc.)

Great job!!!

Step 4.

Write down ways you could enjoy getting fit or how you could gather more information about starting that new business . (Yes, it’s okay to enjoy it. In fact, it's pretty darn important that you do!)

5 bikers on beautiful dessert road

Day 2

Step 1.

Write down a schedule of when you could fit this new adventure into your already busy day. What time of the day? What days of the week?

You are putting it down on paper, so we can consider it as a contract with yourself. Very important!

Day 3

Step 1.


No, I’m just kidding. : ) Today, we prepare. We make a checklist of what we need to get started with this exciting new project! Maybe it is equipment for exercising or it's a list of sites to research for the area you are interested in.

Day 4

Step 1.

Let’s take a look at all the things that will stop us from achieving our goal. Make a list.

- Schedule change.

- Too tired.

- Just don’t want to.

- etc. etc. etc.

Write down every thing you can think of. This is important. These are the rascals (stoppers) that chip away at your success. These are the things stop you from getting things done!

Step 2.

Now, put into place a solution for each of these stoppers. This is invaluable! Remember this is a contract with yourself! : )

Here are a few suggestions:

- Find some great inspirational quotes that you love and hang them on your mirror.

- Find a motivational channel on YouTube like Motivateables to keep you inspired.

- Partner with a friend who will encourage you to push forward.

- Establish an award system for yourself.

Day 5.

Step 1.

Decide that you are ready. Make the Commitment... Accept the Challenge. Sign your name at the bottom of that paper.

Well done!

Step 2.

Now, I want you to create an easily achievable goal for the first day. Enough to feel like you did something and feel good about it. You want to enjoy it. You want a nice, easy gradient.

Day 6.

Now, go out there and do it. Get out there! Create a new future! Your future!

Feels good right? Knowing that you can create an impact on your own life! Sometimes we just need to break down the steps so they aren't so overwhelming.

You're on your way! Take a win!

Beautiful smiling girl jumping in air on beach

After you have taken that first action, write down that you did it! Check it off or cross it out!

Now, apply the same gradient to your next steps. Start easy….oh so very easily. Continue to give yourself big wins. You must know that there is more that you can give in the future. You can do this with any goal!

Congratulations! You have just started to tackle a goal that’s been swimming around in your head for quite some time!

And guess what? We just applied the first three steps of being an artist to getting fit!

Check it out!

1. Accept the challenge

2. Define the rules

3. Master your craft

As you continue to go forward then you can take the next two steps!

4. Elevate your skill

5. Infuse you - this is where the magic happens!

You truly have the ability to do anything. You just have to set yourself up to win!

You have created something special using gradients! A roadmap to achieving one of your goals!

So Very Well Done!

You Are An ARTIST.

I see it.

With Great Love,


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Very Well Done!!

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