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How To Create The Best Future For You


Imagine what it would be like to be able to do one thing better than anyone else in the world.

Imagine it.

The idea of it alone is incredible, isn’t it?

Do you believe it is possible?

Do you believe that you can have such great interest in a topic or a field that you could learn more about it than anyone else in the whole world?

Imagine what that would mean.

No one, not one single solitary person would know that particular area better than you. No one could come up with answers about that area better than you. No one could expand the reach of that area better than you!

Wow! Quite frankly that is life changing!

Maybe it’s not knowing ALL about the entire subject of parenting, but it could be that you know all about parenting YOUR children.

You could have great interest in that, couldn’t you?

How about as a professor?


You could connect with your students better than any other professor anywhere…ever! Wow! That would be valuable wouldn't it? Not just for you, but for them!

And how about this?

You could also decide to be the best you, you can be.


I love that, too!

What happens then?

Well, I’ll tell you.

YOU can answer those profound questions about you.

YOU can decide what is best for you.

YOU can create the best future for you.

Whoa. That's epic.

But how do you get started in any area? Where do you begin?

Well my friend, you must first imagine that it is possible.

I'm going to leave a blank space here for you to let that sink in.

You must first imagine that it is possible.

Once you can imagine it, then it is possible to achieve.

It becomes easier to dedicate yourself to an area, no matter how big or small. You can define all the rules and you can strip away every piece of unknowingness and replace it with a full understanding. You can. Then something glorious happens.

A feeling of calm spreads throughout, not just in you, but into those around you.

Master Your Craft; Activated! ARTIST CALM

Isn't that wonderful?

There is no worry. There is no concern. There is no mystery. There is no confusion. Instead, there is peace. There is certainty. There is patience. There is calm.

Truly, this is a kind of freedom. One that we can all experience and achieve.

This is the beauty of Mastering Your Craft. It is a valuable and most rewarding part of your adventure towards happiness, success, and fulfillment... for you AND for those around you. It is the step that opens the door to endless possibilities of creating your future. It is the step that expands your potential to achieve everything that you have ever dreamed.

Two simple rules:

1. You must first imagine it.

2. You must do the work.

But remember, if you choose something you love, something you are interested in, learning more about it isn't really work is it?

Today, I encourage you to find that area that makes you happy, embrace it, dig in and learn all there is to know about it because THAT is where the magic happens.

Next week you'll discover another powerful secret about Mastering Your Craft.

Thank you for joining me today and I'm so glad you are here! I hope you feel the love!

You are an ARTIST. We see it.

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With Great Love,


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Imagination calms the beast of worry!!

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