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The Answer to Is Life Art?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

cans of artist's paint brushes

Is Life art?

Some say, "Yes" and some say, "No."

It feels like the answer would have great value so why don't we answer it today?

Well, where do we start?

How about we take a look at the word, “art”?

art: (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.


So, in order for anything to be art, it needs to measure up to that definition. I love it!

So, anything including life itself could be art, but is it?

We are so used to considering disciplines that capture life to be art. You know, photography, painting, sculpting, writing, etc. But how often do we consider the living of life itself to be art?

girl with long hair kissing nose of beautiful horse

By life itself, I mean the lives that we create as opposed to the art Mother Nature creates.

Okay, according to Merriam, in order for the lives that we create to be art we would have to use imagination and skill to create products that are beautiful or express important ideas or feelings.

Well, how often do we do that?

Let’s think about it?

When we bake cookies is that art?

When we make our bed is that art?

When we are with our friends and we have a good laugh is that art?

Well, if it created beauty or expressed an important idea or feeling, according to Merriam it is.


So when we bake cookies and they are "good enough" is that art?

I'm going to say, "No."

Baking cookies that are "good enough" is life.

Baking cookies that are beautiful is art.

Okay, so there is the difference. There is something that separates what is life and what is life as art and that thing is beauty.

beautiful sleeping baby with outstretched arms and a smile

So, the answer to the question, "is life art?" is yes, in that life CAN be art.

Okay, great but it feels like there is more to this though.

So, how does this really translate into our lives? What does art have to do with happiness, success, and fulfillment? How does knowing life can be art change anything in our lives?

Well, it changes more than anything. It changes everything.

Living a life that is "good enough" implies that there is more. Whoa! What?

Yes, it implies that we have not reached our potential! There is more in reserve.

Wow! Do you get it? Do you see what this means?

This is incredible!


Because it allows us to ask this one extremely valuable question.

What would you create with your life, if there were no resistance?

bubbles floating in the summer air

Think about it.

Really think about it.

What greatness could you create?

Oh my!

I am stunned by the ramifications of this question.

This is incredible!

Think of the happiness created by living the life you are fully capable of. Think of the successful actions taken when you are living life towards fulfillment of your own potential.

It is extraordinary!

It is empowering!

It's more than that.

It is art.

You are creating a life filled with imagination and skill.

Life suddenly becomes winnable!

Why? Because it is all laid out for us! There is a road to happiness, success and fulfillment and it starts with creating a life that is lived toward the fulfillment of YOU.

It is lived with creativity and imagination toward achieving the best of YOU.

So when you are on this path, what does that make you?

You are correct.

You are an ARTIST.

I see it.

It is with great love and admiration that I say, "until next week."


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Life is Art. Activate the ARTIST in you!

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