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How to Answer the Unanswerable Questions

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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Last week we had a great visit! We talked about the two steps for creating your future.

1) You must first be able to Imagine it.

2) You must do the work.

Since we focused on 1) imagining your future last week, today we will direct our attention to 2) Do the Work.

For many of us, the idea of Doing The Work causes great stress, not because we’re lazy, but because we’re already asking ourselves the seemingly unanswerable question, “Where do I even start?”

It’s one thing to imagine it can be done, but it’s a whole other ball of wax to take that amazing vision in your head and create it in the real world.

I know, before you even start you’re already thinking, “It’s too big. It’s too overwhelming. I’ll never bridge the gap between here and there.”

I totally understand. But you are closer than you think.

If you asked yourself, “Where do I even start?“ You have already started.

Say what?


The answer to the chasm that keeps you from your dreams and answering those seemingly unanswerable questions is right in front of you.

You Are An ARTIST. Activated ARTIST.

There you go talking in code again, Annie!

Well, I’ll just spit it out!

When you come across an area where you are stumped and you can’t answer a question, may I suggest this one simple solution?

Ask another question.

What? Well, not THAT question! : )

I don’t mean ask another question about something else so you can avoid the chosen subject area.

No. Ask another question in the area you are trying to jumpstart.

Ask a question, then another and then another.

What do I know about this area?

Who else knows about this area?

Where can I find more information on this area?

What you’re doing is looking for a question you have enough interest in or enough information about to answer it. This will get you started and it will give you a point of entry into the subject you’re tackling.

Pretty awesome, eh!

Well, let’s get to it…. What? Not yet?

Oh yes.

We should first address the elephant in the room.

A large elephant two antelopes

Let’s face it. We’ve all been made to feel a little silly about asking a question. I get it. It’s too bad, too. We’ve been indoctrinated into listening and not asking.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are AWESOME for asking questions. I LOVE that you want to know more. It’s okay if they explained it in a way that you didn’t understand. They didn’t know that you had never heard of a “thingamabob.” No one is to blame in that scenario. You just didn’t get it!

Yes, you may have driven your parents crazy with questions when you were young and they just got tired of answering. No one to blame there! You were AWESOME for wanting to know and they were just tired…this is fully understandable!

Let’s change the narrative! We ADMIRE people who ask questions. We LOVE that they want to know. We LOVE that WE want to know!

"Excuse me, could you repeat that?"

"Hold on, I didn’t quite get that. What did you mean?"

"Okay, but I don’t know where that goes, or what that means, or why I’m supposed to do that, or when that is supposed to happen, or whom I’m supposed to give this to?"

Questions are AWESOME!

Ask them!

Life feels better already, doesn’t it? Breathe in all that new space you’ve just created just because you decided you wanted to know! Wow!

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Yes, life is filled with mystery, but now that you have the answer to those unanswerable questions you're on your way to unlocking those mysteries and living the happy, successful, and fulfilling life you have always dreamed of creating!

Live the life you create.

You are an ARTIST. I see it. : )

Next week we will talk about the phrase, “Good Enough” and how it could be what’s keeping you from MASTERING YOUR CRAFT.

Don’t forget to check out The Observation Deck. Decker hits another one out of the park with "Leave Things Better."

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With Great Love,



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