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The Secret to Finishing Strong

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Women running a race heading toward finish line

Last week we talked about what it feels like to go beyond good enough.

Well, today let’s talk more specifically about that place, “beyond good enough.”

You know that place.

It’s the last 10% of your task or journey.

It’s a funny little place because it is not measured the same way the first 90% is measured.

That last 10% is more like another 100%.

You ever feel that way?

You know, you’ve spent hours, days, or weeks laboring at a task, studying, building, organizing, etc. and you can see the end. It’s so close, but suddenly you realize 3 more steps have materialized and they feel like, they themselves, will take hours, days or weeks.

“Oh my gosh! Really?! Is this STILL what’s left?"

Playful kitty with paw covering his face

Don't get overwhelmed. Don't abandon all the great work you've done. It's now time to kick!

You know, just like when an athlete gets toward the end of their race and they kick. They literally give 100% in the last 10% of the race.

That’s what we’re talking about here. Find that reserve tank and empty it.

That reserve tank.... that is the best of you! It’s what you’ve bottled up and preserved. It’s what you think you’ve needed to survive the long haul. Unleash it! Use it to Master Your Craft! You are so close!

Really, that 10% is another way you define your life.

Think about it. You’re moving and you have packed your entire house. Everything is organized. Everything has a label….except that one box. It’s a mixture of this and that, missing pieces and pieces that are odd sizes. That’s the 10%. It can hang you up. It can be overwhelming. It can drain your energy just thinking about confronting it. Ugh! It steals the win. It keeps you from experiencing the freedom of 100%. Recognize it. Smile and know it’s time to kick!

drawing of different sized boxes for storage

You're a writer. You have your first draft.

Almost every word is perfect. Almost….that’s the 10% that keeps you from having the certainty to get it sold. Recognize it. Smile and know it’s time to kick!

red pen laying across a page of edited words

You're a store manager.

You’re a student…

You’re a teacher….

An accountant

A baker

A flight attendant


It doesn’t’ matter. We all have a craft we are mastering. We all experience that 10% that either elevates us or stops us short of experiencing just how glorious life can be!

Remember, 90% lets you play the game, but it’s that last 10% that helps you win it!

Dig deep. Find your kick. Power through the finish line. Achieve the freedom of giving 100%. Twice! : )

Two silhouettes jumping on the beach during beautiful sunset


Create the life you live.

You are an ARTIST. I see it.

Next week, let's talk about the next step of becoming an ARTIST! Step 4: ELEVATE YOUR SKILL. - This is where beauty enters!

Check out Decker’s Observation Deck. He has a certain a style that is comfortable and a perspective that is unique. This week’s piece is entitled, “Looking Forward”.

With Great Love,


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Been there... felt that!! Great analogy, will try it out!!

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